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Adelaide’s a good city for riding. Many of the main highways have parallel routes a cyclist can choose, and many have reasonable bike lanes, as well. There’s a multiplicity of options that are not available for cars. So each night, when I set off on the 30km home, I get to choose which way to go. For the cost of a couple of kilometres, I can take a different way home each night! ... Read on>>>>

So the paradise in Genesis 2 has not happened yet. It is a vision, a metaphor, of where we may go if we let ourselves be healed of our violence, and embrace relationships of love, and respect, and honour. Jesus is calling us; will we go there?... Read on >>>>

This essay comes from my initial reading of the Genesis flood narratives, alongside von Rad's commentary Genesis, and the introductory chapters of Thomas Brodie's Genesis as Dialogue. I find the stories discomforting. In this essay I pause to take consider why.

What I bring to the text.
Firstly, the text is literary, not literal.

We westerners are all culturally conditioned to read text as "historical reporting," as though it can access the precise facts of "what happened" in an event. But this is especially so for Christians who have been influenced by the young earth creation heresy.  On the one hand we may have a hard time escaping our conditioning, and find it difficult to "read story rather than text book"; on the other, we may be reactive to our former naivety, even embarrassed, and too quickly reject parts of the text that "sound fundamentalist."

Genesis is a self-conscious literary product. What I mean by this is that the author is saying something about God and Israel and, indeed, all humanity. They were working from a mindset which says truth is carried in story, which is unfortunately novel for many of us... Read on >>>>

And so we see in Chapter 5:28-9 that through Lamech who is the worst of us, comes a relief: 28 When Lamech had lived for one hundred and eighty-two years, he became the father of a son; 29he named him Noah, saying, ‘Out of the ground that the Lord has cursed this one shall bring us relief from our work and from the toil of our hands.’ ... Read on >>>>

Yet to be made beautiful means to confront Yahweh; to deal with the ambiguity and pain of life, rather than flee to some self-focussed domesticated God made in our own image and interest.... Read on >>>>

Rather than "What Went Wrong?" should we title the story, "The Cost of Becoming Human?"... Read on >>>>

I am definitively Homo sapiens, just as the dog in my house is Canis familiaris. Am I definitively human, or is that something I may become because I am created in the image of the human one; because I, too, am a son/child of the man? Will I seek to become truly so, or choose to remain in the thrall of the Myth of Redemptive Violence and be, instead, a citizen of Babylon? ... Read on >>>>

As we evolve, as we grow and are converted and healed, underlying our becoming human and our healing from our primordial fear of death is the text of Genesis Chapter One: God has overcome the chaos; the creation is good. Read on >>>>

An alternative creation story to the story of Genesis 1.... Read on >>>>

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