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I am definitively Homo sapiens, just as the dog in my house is Canis familiaris. Am I definitively human, or is that something I may become because I am created in the image of the human one; because I, too, am a son/child of the man? Will I seek to become truly so, or choose to remain in the thrall of the Myth of Redemptive Violence and be, instead, a citizen of Babylon? ... Read on >>>>

As we evolve, as we grow and are converted and healed, underlying our becoming human and our healing from our primordial fear of death is the text of Genesis Chapter One: God has overcome the chaos; the creation is good. Read on >>>>

An alternative creation story to the story of Genesis 1.... Read on >>>>

A new series... I hope. 

Interpretation of The Book of Genesis is heavily contested within the church. It is also used as a source of ridicule by those who wish to attack the church. How and why should we read it?... Read on >>>

The last 6 days home. Read on >>>>

West Wyalong... Read on >>>>

Parkes... Read on >>>>

Narrabri to Dubbo... Read on >>>

Narrabri and the rain... Read on >>>>

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Walter Wink in Just Jesus - My Struggle to Become Human   (Andrew Prior)
But Ezekiel is not beholding a figure of speech. This is really what God is: HUMAN. It is the great error of humanity to believe...    Read more ...

Water Wink in Just Jesus - My Struggle to Become Human
   (Andrew Prior)
I had been struggling with the passage in Matthew 5:39–41 that runs, “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and...    Read more ...

Really good stuff   (Bill Schlesinger)
this really breaks things open. Transforming obligation into risk-taking openness and a journey of discovery as a life of freedom in compassion transforms the text...    Read more ...

Yes!   (Chad)
Thank you for this good work.    Read more ...

Most Compelling   (Fred Turner)
Exceptional piece of exegesis I believe, leading to a most compelling point. Thank you.    Read more ...

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